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European Congress of Mathematics This is the second volume of the procedings of the second European Congress of Mathematics Volume I presents the speeches delivered at the Congress, the list of lectures, and short summaries of the achievements of the prize winners Together with volume II it contains a collection of contributions by the invited lecturers Finally, volume II also presents reports on some of the Round Table discussions This two volume set thus gives an overview of the state of the art in many fields of mathematics and is therefore of interest to every professional mathematician Contributors Vol I N Alon, L Ambrosio, K Astala, R Benedetti, Ch Bessenrodt, F Bethuel, P Bjorstad, E Bolthausen, J Bricmont, A Kupiainen, D Burago, L Caporaso, U Dierkes, I Dynnikov, L.H Eliasson, W.T Gowers, H Hedenmalm, A Huber, J Kaczorowski, J Kollar, D.O Kramkov, A.N Shiryaev, C Lescop, R Marz Vol II J Matousek, D McDuff, A.S Merkurjev, V Milman, St Muller, T Nowicki, E Olivieri, E Scoppola, V.P Platonov, J Poschel, L Polterovich, L Pyber, N Simanyi, J.P Solovej, A Stipsicz, G Tardos, J P Tignol, A.P Veselov, E Zuazua. Best Download European Congress of Mathematics [ by ] Gyula O.H. Katona [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –