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Green Lantern, Volume 1 This trade paperback collects the first Green Lantern story arc by writer and former Real World roommate, Judd Winick After escaping from a mental institution, the disturbed Nero soon finds himself in possession of a yellow Power Ring, thanks to the Qwardians Now with the power to materialize the insane inner workings of his mind, the madman looks to destroy the planet and with the JLA attempting to fight his hordes of minions, Kyle Rayner, the latest Green Lantern must figure out a way to defeat a maniac who now wields power then he does. Download Green Lantern, Volume 1 –

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  1. I believe this is Judd Winick s very first superhero story he had written It s kind of fun to go back to when writers began after reading a lot of their most famous work So his Green Lantern, staring my favorite green Lantern Kyle, worth reading The story starts simple enough Kyle lands a awesome job that he s always wanted, a cartoonist at a big paper Of course, his life isn t so simple Soon after the manhunters come down and grab the green lantern and bring his ass to space for some tort I believe this is Judd Winick s ve...

  2. I ve always found Kyle Rayner to be the most interesting of the Green Lanterns, both in personality and how he uses the ring Some of the super heroics in this volume are only ok, but the personal stuff is always fascinating I love the Judd Winick that wrote these storie...

  3. Pretty good Goes by fast I like his simple style and movie tv show like scenes and dialog I loved when Fatality got her arm blown off Poooffff Green Lantern is totally a throwback to my childhood and I really enjoy going back there as an adult Summer is the greatest time to read comics.

  4. More Kyle awesomeness Definitely a fast read though Wish these damn trades were easier to find