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Ella Ella the elephant thinks of herself as a famous circus star, but gets a lesson in humility when a mean farmer puts her to work. Free Download Ella Author Bill Peet For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Download Ellaby Bill Peet –
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • Ella
  • Bill Peet
  • English
  • 10 February 2017
  • 0395272696

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  1. Bill Peet at his best We recently discovered this author and have enjoyed the moral aspects to his story along with the beautiful illustrations Is it just me or did children s books like this from decad...

  2. A classic, rhyming, down to earth Bill Peet story As usual, the main character learns a lesson in virtue this time, it s Ella the proud circus elephant who needs to live a year on a farm to learn how spoiled she was.

  3. A good story about being too proud and to appreciate what you have Helping others makes you feel happy.

  4. This is Bill Peet at his almost best and he s always good Ella the elephant is a spoiled, conceited circus elephant who runs away from her pampered life in the circus and becomes very sorry that she did To an adult, the story is utterly predictable which is why I withhold one star, but of course to a six year old the story is wonderful TheI read of Bill Peet s books and I m up to about 20 by now , theI appreciate his drawing style he makes it look easy, and yet it ...

  5. suddenly i really like elephantsUh, so, yes the sketchy cartoon style in this is super adorable The artist did an excellent job of conveying character the nature of characters through simple, rough lines The h...

  6. Ella is an Ella phant Get it Ella learns a good lesson the hard way I joked with Kate that we should put her to work in a similar way until she learned to begrateful.

  7. MCL.A farmer had a gun to make the circus elephant called Ella do the plowing and a lot of his own jobs Why didn t he use some oxen

  8. As with all Bill Peet s books, there is a strong moral story Ella learns to get over herself and appreciate others.

  9. A spoiled elephant learns a lesson after she runs away from the circus

  10. Did I read this as a kid I m thinking I must have since it was written in 1964 Great book to teach kids to work hard and do their share.